Research And Study On Pueraria Mirifica - Quickly and Easily!

Research And Study On Pueraria Mirifica

Research And Study On Pueraria MirificaIn this article, we will discuss why this subject is so important and how you can benefit from this information.It has been revealed newly that Pueraria mirifica is protected to be worn in person in certain dosage as well as consumption period. The researcher has been conducting a sequence of researches casing the element analysis, hankie culture, mountain propagation, cultivar improvement, production, outcome development and difficult and so on for 9 years. The outcome shows that the elected Pueraria mirifica contains very high isoflavone satisfied and shows high antimutagenic property as well as high killing property to person mammary growth cell line. Nowadays, nutritionists propose the consumer to consume isoflavone smoothly for the reason of growth protection routinely found on post-menopausal and people who have hormone imbalance. The payback of Miroestrol and Its Derivatives in Pueraria mirificaMiroestrol and its derivatives are also precious chemicals in the ashen kwao kreu which promote estrogenic and mammogenic property to several tissues such as breast enlargement or breast hankie reformation.Going through the final part of this article, we will see just how important the subject can be to many people. The Differences between Soya and Pueraria mirificaSoya, the western health food products, contains lower quantity of phytoestrogens especially there is no miroestrol and its derivatives. Their benefit to the body is far minus than that of Pueraria mirifica. The researches ratify that these chemicals are strong anti-breast cancer, anti-prostate hyperplasia, anti-colon cancer, anti-osteoporosis and also anti-cardiovascular disease via the strong reduction of blood cholesterol and also anti-menopausal syndrome.As they say, knowledge equals power, so continue to read information on this topic until you feel you are adequately educated on the subject.Pueraria Mirifica Pills KWAOTIP THAI FDA. G. 187/42 Kwaotip is a premuim grade Thai traditional herbal formula derived mainly from White Kwaotip Krua ( "Pueraria Mirifica" ). After many years of research from Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart, the studies indicated that this herb shows estrogenic and rejuvenate effects to the female body especially at the breast, hip, facial skin, body skin, hair and vaginal epithelium. Thus elevate the appearance of the female secondary sexual characteristics and also the skin beauty.ALL Natural Dietary SupplementHight Phytoestrogen (especially isoflavonet):*Increases sensitivity and vitality*Promotes silky shiny hair ,keeps hair pattem bone calcium accumulation*Enhances breast and skin appearance*Serves as a anti-wrinkle agent*Enhances physical and mental ability*Serves as a fountain of youthIngredients: Pueraria Mirifica and other herbs (60 capsules per box)Recommended Dosage: Take 2 capsules after breakfast and dinner.Precautions: - Not for women under 20 years old.- Women with developing cyst at the ovary, breast, and uterus.- Pregnant women and breast feeking mother should avoid taking this product.- Women who are taking birth control pill should not take this product.

Japanese Hair Straightening Is It Right for You?

Japanese Hair Straightening  Is It Right for You?

Japanese Hair Straightening, also known as Thermal Reconditioning, is one very popular hair straightening technique you just might want to think twice about before having done.Originating in Japan in the late 90s the chemical products used in the process go by the names Liscio, Yuko and U.S. made Bio Ionics.The treatment can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours and involves numerous steps with costs ranging from $300 to $1,500 depending on the salon.A cheaper price should raise some red flags as to the quality of the chemicals used or the expertise of the stylist according to the experts.The result is permanently straight hair but after 4 to 6 months any new hair growth will need to be treated as well. This usually costs close to the same amount as the original treatment because it is a more time-consuming process involving straightening hair closer to the roots.Because of the chemicals and techniques used you will not be able to curl the treated hair so you definitely want to take that into consideration beforehand.There is also a growing concern from some stylists that thermal reconditioning may not be the perfect hair straightening solution after all.First off, experts estimate that at least 80 percent of people that are having the treatment are not really good reconditioning candidates for several reasons:Any recent chemical processes done to your hair such as hair coloring, bleaching or hair relaxing can cause serious problems including hair loss and breakage if you elect to have the treatment done. A hair strand test must be done first to determine whether your hair can accept the chemicals. If the salon does not offer a strand test you might want to reconsider who you trust your hair to.It does not work on African hair because it is too fragile and cant take the heat required during the straightening process. It is not the same as a hair relaxer which is made especially for African hair.In fact, a growing number of women are claiming serious hair breakage problems and it has been reported in the press that one of the top Hollywood celebrity hair stylists refuses to perform the treatment because she thinks it is too much of a risk to her clients hair.Many women are led to believe that the process is actually good for your hair but there have been no clinical studies to prove this and by definition anything that physically alters the hair structure at the molecular level is damaging.Even though many women have had the Japanese Hair Straightening process done to their hair with great success you should know that there can be some risk involved and if you decide to have it done to your hair be sure you use a reputable salon with properly trained stylists that will test your hair first.

Recipes For Dry Skin Care Using Herbs And Essentials Oils

Recipes For Dry Skin Care Using Herbs And Essentials Oils

Dry skin is generally due to less oil and moisture produced by sebaceous glands. Simple dry skin results from lack of natural oils affecting mostly women under age of 35 years, while complex dry skin lacks both oil and moisture and is distinguished by fine lines, enlarged pores and sagging skin that happens with aging. Alternatively, dry skin could be results from genetic condition, poor diet especially deficiencies of vitamin A and the B vitamins, exposure to environmental factors such sun, wind, or aggressive usage of chemicals, cosmetics and excessive bathing with harsh soaps.To name a few essential oils for dry skin are Chamomile, Geranium, Hyssop, Lavender, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood and Ylang-Ylang. -Aloe Vera gel applied topically helps to remove dead skin cells and is soothing, healing and moisturizing. -Calendula & comfrey with its skin softening properties are used in facial sauna. -4 - 5 drops of lavender oil to bath water followed by application of diluted evening primrose oil or Aloe Vera cream moistens the dry skin. -Evening primrose oil contains essential fatty acid to strengthen skin cells and boost their moisture content.-Drink tea brewed with chamomile, dandelion or peppermint. Teas of Borage, fennel, coltsfoot or calendula help improve the skin. Add 1 tsp of either herb to 1 cup of boiling water and drink daily. -Tea tree oil with its skin penetrating properties helps to moisturize and smooth the skin.Treat yourself with these recipes using herbs and essential oils - "Dry skin" mask - Obtain a smooth paste by mixing 6 ounce of unflavored yoghurt, few finely crushed almonds, 2 tsp honey and wheat germ oil each. Apply and massage of your skin for 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water. Crushed almonds exfoliate and eliminate dead skin, honey aids in adhering mask to skin and vitamin E in wheat germ oil fights radicals.Home made balm for dry, chapped lips - Heat cup almond or grape seed oil. Add 2 tsp of melted beeswax, tsp alkanet root. Strain the oil removing the root. Add 8-10 drops of natural flavoring oil and 3 drops of vitamin E oil. If you hands are moisture dry or chapped, massage them with sandalwood, rose or chamomile essential oils mixed with hydrating base oil like hazelnut, avocado or evening primrose.For energizing natural hand moisturizer, mix wheat germ oil with your favorite essential oil. Before bath, apply a mixture of 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp orange juice, 1 tsp olive oil, few drops of rose water and lime juice on your skin. This is a good morning skin cleanser. 1 egg, 1 tsp honey, tsp olive oil and few drops of rose water makes a good beauty mask for dry skin.Try Herbal facial sauna once a week. Use chamomile, lavender, and peppermint herbs. Simmer 2 - 4 tsp of dried or fresh herbs in 2 quarts of water. After few minutes of steaming, place the pot at comfortable distance from your face on a table. Bend over the pot with towel covering your face and the pot to trap the steam. After 15 minutes, splash cold water and air dry your skin followed by application of moisturizer or facial oil. You can cool the herbal water and use it as toning lotion to be dabbed on your face after cleansing.

The Top 10 Hair Removal Methods - Which is Right For You?

The Top 10 Hair Removal Methods -  Which is Right For You?

Do you have unwanted body hair? Are you trying to choose between hair removal methods? This guide contains all you need to decide. It details several popular as well as not-so-common methods of getting rid of unwanted hair, including shaving, plucking, waxing, sugar waxing, bleaching, threading, depilatories, electrolysis, laser, and vaniqa.ShavingShaving is a temporary "hair removal" method. It is inexpensive, but for most people the hair has started to grow back by the following day. To prevent stubble, you must shave once or twice daily. Razors come in all varieties. They can be made of cheap plastic with a single blade which can be bought for a quarter, or a high quality electric version costing $50 or more.PluckingAnother common hair removal method is plucking, or tweezing, the hair. While this method is time consuming, as you can only pluck one hair at a time, it is useful for smaller areas, such as an extra eyebrow hair or two. However, it can be painful, especially around the eyes, and can cause irritation and ingrown hairs. While it is a myth that by plucking a hair out by its root you are causing two to grow in its place, many women do not pluck their hair for this very reason. But investing in a $2 pair of tweezers is a lifesaver when you want to look perfect for that special occasion.WaxingFor larger areas, many people prefer to use hot wax. The wax is applied to the skin with a piece of paper or cloth covering it. After the wax cools, the strip is ripped away, taking the hair with it. While this method is fast, it can also be painful. In addition, waxing removes the top layer of skin, and can cause rashes and redness. However, once you become good at the technique, it is an easy and inexpensive way to quickly get rid of unwanted hair at home. Kits can be purchased for $20-$40. You can also have your skin waxed by a professional. Depending on the area you are having waxed, this can cost from $20 to around $150.Sugar WaxingSugar waxing is similar in method to traditional waxing, except that the "wax" is a sticky sugary paste. Sugaring is even less expensive, as home kits can be bought for as little as $10.BleachingRather than removing the hair, some women prefer to lighten it. This is especially common for women with facial hair. Bleaching is completely pain-free, and can be done at home. Most women do not have any skin reactions to the bleach; however, as with a hair dye, be sure to test first on a small, inconspicuous part of your skin, just in case the bleach does change your skin color or cause irritation.ThreadingThreading, also known as khite, is commonly practiced in the Middle East but much less well-known in the west. It is performed using a cotton thread. The thread is twisted, catching the hair, and is then pulled to remove it. The results are similar to plucking, but many more hairs can be removed at one time. Always use cotton so the fibers themselves do not irritate the skin. DepilatoriesDepilatories are creams that dissolve hair, allowing it to be wiped away. For some people, depilatories last no longer than shaving, while others are hair-free for several days. The process is not always painless, but is definitely less painful than waxing. The creams can be bought for a few dollars at any drug store.ElectrolysisElectrolysis is a permanent hair removal method. A needle is placed in a hair follicle and electric current is delivered to the follicle. This damages the hair, and it does not return. This method works well for small localized areas of hair, but can be time consuming and costly for large patches, as each hair must be done individually. Also, if the needle is not inserted just right, the hair may need to be retreated, and often an area must be treated three to four times before the hair is permanently removed. While the needle should not puncture the skin, electrolysis can be painful. It is recommended that electrolysis be done by a professional; home treatment methods are difficult and generally unsuccessful.LaserLaser hair removal is another permanent hair removal method. It is a more recent method, and data as to its long-term effectiveness is still being gathered. Light from a laser is pointed at a small area of skin. The energy from the light is absorbed by the dark hair pigment, heating and damaging the follicle. This method does not work for white or grey hair or for people with dark skin and light hair. Because this method does not require each hair to be treated individually, this method is much quicker and less expensive for larger areas such as the legs as compared to electrolysis. If you are interested in laser hair removal, find a reputable professional. Laser hair removal can cause permanent skin damage if not performed properly. It can be painful, but as more research continues to be gathered, its looking more and more like a viable option for many people. The only place laser hair removal should not be performed is around the eyes, as it could cause permanent eye damage.VaniqaVaniqa is a cream designed specifically to target facial hair in women. It is intended to slow the growth of this hair, and is designed to be used with other nonpermanent methods of hair removal methods. It is available by prescription only, and has been shown to be effective in almost 60% of the patients in the trial. It is currently only for use by women over 12.Remember when your mother always told you that you didn't really want to start shaving? But you insisted that you would want to continue for the rest of your life. However, for many women, unwanted hair causes major stress and discomfort everyday. You should now be able to more easily choose between the many "hair removal methods" methods and choose the one that is right for you.

Types of Contact Lens

Since the introduction of contact lenses years ago, the eye product has gone through various changes and innovations to meet the needs of the consumers. There are now more than ten types of "contact lens" es each with its own characteristics. You can get a prescription from an eye doctor and decide on your own which specific brand and type of lenses you want. If you find the task difficult, you can also ask the doctor for his suggested brands and contact lens type. The following are the types of contact lenses you can use depending on your needs and preferences:Daily wear soft lenses made of soft polymer plastic, these contact lenses allow oxygen to pass through providing a higher level of comfort than rigid gas permeable lenses. Disposable soft lenses fall also under this category. They are called daily wear contact lenses because they require daily cleaning. Although most daily wear soft lenses are disposable there are also those that can be worn for one whole year. Disadvantages of these types of lenses include: easy absorption of oils and lotions from your hand which can irritate your eyes and also less durability than hard lensesDisposable soft lenses- disposable soft lenses can be worn up to two weeks. They still require daily cleaning but they are not designed to last you months. Daily wear disposable lenses- daily disposable lenses are lenses which you can only use for one day. They are discarded at days end. Although daily disposables are more affordable than yearly lenses, expenses can add up when you buy a years worth of disposable lenses. Using daily wear disposable lenses lowers your risk to eye infections.Colored Soft Lenses- Colored soft lenses are perfect for those who want a fresh look. They serve the same purpose as color contact lenses except they do come in different tints. Some colored lenses contain tints not for aesthetic purposes. These light-filtering tinted lenses are for athletes or sports enthusiasts.Extended-wear lenses- Extended-wear lenses are contact lenses that can be worn for several weeks, usually 30 days without having to remove them. They can come in either soft or gas permeable types. They are perfect for busy people who do not have the time to clean their lenses at the end of each day.Daily wear rigid gas permeable lenses- these contact lenses are made of plastic that are not as soft or as absorbent as soft [*_*]es but they allow oxygen to pass through them. They dont tear as easily as soft lenses do but they can take a few weeks to get used to. These type of lenses also require daily cleaning.Bifocal [*_*]es are solutions for those who are suffering from presbyopia. Toric Contact Lenses- this type of lenses are used to correct astigmatism. These [*_*]es are also bi-focal. And can be made from soft lenses or gas permeable materials.Orthokeratology lenses- these lenses are used for improving vision problems caused by the corneas shape. These lenses when worn overnight adjust the shape of the cornea so that the individual can have food eyesight the following day for up to 12 hours.

Cosmetic Surgery And Reconstructive Surgery - What Are The Differences?

Plastic surgery includes two broad fields, namely cosmetic (or aesthetic) and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery is performed to enhance the appearance of a person, who finds his/her body parts, though otherwise fully functional, to be unattractive. Thus cosmetic surgery is performed with a purely aesthetic intent. On the other hand, reconstructive surgery focuses on concealing the destructive effects of trauma, disease or accident. That is, it strives to improve function and impart a standard look so the patient may lead a normal life.Reconstructive surgery is a way of veiling defects by using skin implants and tissue flaps. Either local tissue is used or tissue is transferred from another part to the problem area. Reconstructive tissue flaps comprise of skin, muscle, fat, bone or a combination of these elements. The most common reconstructive surgery is to cover the defects of burn survivors and other accident victims.Another common reconstructive surgery is breast reconstruction for women who have had mastectomy surgical removal of one or both breasts, either partially or completely. Mastectomy is performed to combat breast cancer, or to circumvent the disease if a woman is at a high risk of acquiring it. Rhinoplasty may also be considered as a reconstructive procedure if the extent of damage to the nose cartilage and bone is rather grave. In such a case, tissue is moved from another body part and grafted in the damaged area.One of the most prevalent uses of reconstructive surgery can be found in the field of professional contact sports. Players are likely to suffer injuries during vigorous contact sports, and such injuries can only be treated by reconstructive surgery. Though rare, sexual reassignment surgery is another example of reconstructive surgery. There is a certain gray area between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and distinguishing one from another can be confusing at times. But in a gist, reconstructive surgery is usually performed to correct an abnormality, and not to enhance an otherwise normal appearance.


Research And Study On Pueraria Mirifica - Quickly and Easily!